After Market ECU'S



Hi Comp supplies, installs and tunes three major types of ECUs which are Haltec, EMS, Apex-i Power FC. Haltec has a full range of platinum series and the new elite series of ECU's we can tune for maximum power and economy at the same time as these two goals are not as far apart as you first might think. The latest ECU technology allows you to have both in the same package. 


Our EMS customers number in the hundreds and with still many cars out there with EMS fitted, we are more than happy to tune your existing EMS car or supply and fit a new EM 70 or EM 80 which are EMS's new generation of ECU and we'll make your car run better than you ever thought possible. 


We can also tune MSD's range of laptop tunable timing computers for full ignition mapping of your carburetted muscle car.