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Hi-Comp Performance Tunes All Types of Carburettors

We can supply install and tune all types of carburettors to get the best out of your classic or muscle car. Multiple carbs are our specialty, including Weber, S.U., Mikuni, Holly, Stromberg and Edelbrock.
What a lot of people don't realize is that all these carburettors can still be purchased brand new, and it may surprise you that the price of a new carby is only slightly more than a reconditioned unit.
In most cases brand new triple carbs, (weber or s.u) manifold and linkages can be supplied, fitted and tuned for around $3,800 inc GST.

All tuning is done with ultimate smoothness, drive ability, and power in mind. All Holly tuning includes power valve replacement to maximize fuel economy, and smooth transition from primary to secondary stages.
Most common jets, power valves, venturis, accelerator nozzles and needles are kept in stock for quick turnaround tuning, usually completed
in one day. Be sure to check out our Carby deal at the bottom of this page!

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